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Summertime and Heat Absorption

There are several things which add to the energy efficiency of a metal roof.

The first fact we want to explore is: radiant heat. Radiant heat is the warming sensation you get when standing next to a window -inside your home- and you feel the sun warming you.

There are reflective pigments in the coatings on our metal roofs. These pigments block radiant heat.

For many years, homeowners in hot climates have known that white roofs keep their homes cooler. This is thanks to the reflectivity of white and similar light colors. But, homeowners avoided dark colors for their roofs because dark colors absorbed radiant heat.

However, starting a few years ago, reflective pigments were developed which reflect radiant heat even in dark colors. This is special military technology that is used to hide vehicles and weapons from radar.One of the most common comments from our past customers is that their home is kept cooler by their new metal roof. For some folks, our roofs are saving up to 20% and sometimes even more on their electric costs due to a reduced need for air conditioning.

By installing a metal roof with reflective pigments in the coating, your home will be kept naturally cooler in hot weather.



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