Get Ready for Winter

As 2022 draws near, we hope you all stay safe and healthy. Take care of your roof as winter draws near, and the temperatures drop. It can take a lot from bad weather and snowfall, which can add a lot to its weight. Your roof and gutters can take a beating from the amount of snow, rain, and sleet that we receive in winter.

Prepare for Cold Temperatures

Proper ventilation of your roof can help prevent ice dams. This happens when water melts on your roof and then freezes in your gutters and along the eaves. This water can cause damage to your gutters and allow water and ice to leak into your attic. If you don’t prevent ice dams from building up, they will continue to melt and then refreeze. By changing the temperature of your roof with attic ventilation or a rooftop heating device, you can prevent ice from building up. Another option is to install a cold roof and then ventilate it to maintain the same temperature as outside. Although cold roofs can be a great option, they may not be suitable for all roofs.

Snow accumulation is the same as ice dams, but it stays on your roof and not slide to the gutters. Snow buildup is more dangerous than ice dams for your gutter system. Snow can build up on roofs and cause an avalanche that causes it to fall on unlucky people or vehicles. Install snow guards to prevent this.

Snow guards usually consist of a bar system or a simple guard system. The bars can span from rib-to-rib on a metal roof and break up snow before it can clump together. Guards attach directly to your panels and blend in with your roof better.

Snow removal can be a concern in the winter months. Snow buildup is dangerous and can be prevented with snow guards. However, homeowners sometimes try to remove snow from their roofs manually. This is dangerous and not recommended for most roofs. Metal roofing has the advantage of melting snow right away. Metal roofs tend to be cleaner than houses with asphalt shingle roofs. They retain snow longer than houses with asphalt shingles roofs.

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Even mild climates can experience Winter’s Wrath.

You should also consider the damage that cold temperatures can cause to your roof during winter months. Asphalt or temporary shingles can crack or fall off as temperatures drop. Although metal roofing is effective in dealing with cold weather, it should still be checked by a professional roofing contractor if any damage has been done.

Look in your attic for excessive moisture.

This could indicate poor ventilation or leaks. A leaky roof is the last thing you need during winter. The insulation will be less effective if there is high moisture in the attic. Water damage is always possible with temporary asphalt roofing.

Thermal movement

Thermal movement is a reality that all metal roofs must face year-round. Metal will naturally expand and contract when it heats up or cools down. Metal roofs with exposed fasteners through the metal can cause this movement to lead to leaks.

A metal roof might be waterproof in normal conditions, but water can find its way in when temperatures change dramatically. While thermal expansion can be a problem for exposed fastener metal roofing, our better-quality metal roofs with hidden fasteners and interlocking panel allow for movement without any ill effects.

Protect Your Home from Winter Damage

You don’t need to worry about winter weather damaging your roof and gutters if you take the right precautions. Contact one of our roofing experts in your area if you have any questions about winter weather and how it affects your roof. Each roof is unique. While you might not have to deal with any of these issues, be aware of the potential damage Old Man Winter could do to your roof.

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