heated roof systems Are you tired of ice dams and icicles damaging your roof and causing safety concerns for you and your family? Heated roof systems are the perfect solution for protecting your home and family, as well as eliminating the hassle of dealing with ice and snow buildup. We offer a heated mat that can be installed under your metal roofing that prevents these common problems.

Heated Roof System Installation in Concord, NH

At FBI Contracting, proudly serving Concord NH, Franking NH, and the surrounding areas, we offer professional installation services for the latest in heated roof systems. Our specialty is metal roofs. Perfect for any roof, our cutting-edge roof heating systems consist of a snow melt mat that can be completely concealed under shingles, synthetic slate or shake roofing materials. Having these heating mats installed around the edges of your home’s roof prevents the buildup of ice and snow that leads to dangerous shingles and ice dams. Heated roof systems can be installed both on new construction and existing homes.

Efficient, Appealing, and Easy to Use

By utilizing timers and moisture sensors, heated roof systems are energy efficient and operate only during the times where they are needed—often as little as two hours a day during peak snow months.

Unlike traditional roof heating systems that consist of visible bands and wires, our heating pad systems are more effective, completely invisible, and maintain the aesthetic look of your roof. Additionally, heating pad systems are designed to be simpler, more streamlined, and easier to use.

The Benefits of Heated Roof Systems

1. They protect your home. For many, a home is one the largest and most important investments they will make. With the affordable addition of a heated roof system, you can eliminate the potential for extensive structural damage caused by buildups of ice and snow.

2. They protect your family. Falling icicles can present a safety risk to your and your family, not to mention the danger involved in removing snow and ice from your roof. With a heated roof system, icicles, ice dams and snow buildup become a thing of the past.

3. They save you money. You’ll never have to worry about expensive repairs to your roofing, gutters, or structure due to snow or ice damage again!

4. They save you hassles. Nobody likes bundling up in the winter weather to remove snow and ice from a slippery rooftop. Let a heated roof system do the work for you!

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