Old House: Metal Roof Replacement?

When you think about an old house, many things come to mind. Perhaps you imagine an elegant Victorian in the historical part of town, a farmhouse set in a windswept field or a cozy cottage by the lake, or even a log cabin surrounded by tall pines. An old house can be a reminder of past times, no matter what you might think.

It is difficult to restore an older house, whether you consider it a work in process or a money pit. It takes time and cares to replace hazardous products such as lead paint or asbestos. A vision of the future and a lot of love are required to transform a deteriorating building. The goal of most home restoration is to bring back its original beauty and make it more energy efficient.

What about the roof? Slate is difficult to install, and we no longer use wood shake. Is metal a modern option that can preserve the style while offering new benefits?

Metal roofs can be dated back hundreds of years from a historical perspective. They arrived in America from Europe during colonial times. Metal roofing was originally hand-formed roofs with vertical seams. In the Victorian era, shingles were developed for other aesthetics.

Benefits of Metal Roof Replacement

Let’s look at the attributes of metal roofing that work well in older homes.


There are many styles and shapes available for older homes. These are some of the many that we have had the pleasure to work on in recent years.


You need to be concerned about the bones of your homes as they age. Foundations can deteriorate, and structural lumber loses its strength and resilience. Metal roofing can be a great option for older homes with multiple layers of heavy roofing, like slate, wood shake, and asbestos. A metal roof weighs half to one pound per square foot, less than asphalt at 2 3/4 to 4 1/4 pounds per square. The metal roof’s low weight extends the life span of the home’s foundation and structural lumber and lowers the chance of a collapse if there is seismic activity or fire.

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You bought an older house to repair it or save it. Metal roofing lasts for many years and protects homes. Many metal roofs have high recycled content, with aluminum at 95% and steel at 35%, respectively. Once a metal roof has reached its end of useful life, it can be 100% recycled.

Energy Efficiency

Older homes often face challenges in making them more efficient. It can be difficult because old windows and doors can become drafty, and walls and ceilings are often difficult to insulate. A metal roof is an energy-efficient option. The metal roof can transform the energy consumption of your home. They reflect the sun’s radiant heat, keeping the home cooler in hot conditions and reducing air conditioning costs.


Older homes are often not well ventilated, especially in the laundry room, kitchen, or bathrooms. Older windows and doors allowed moisture to escape through gaps. Modern tighter seals prevent this from happening. Water migrates into the attic and collects on insulation. Condensates on the roof deck’s underside. Metal roofs can be easily vented allowing moisture to escape before it causes problems. An attic that is well ventilated will solve problems like ice dams or unwelcome heat gain.

Dependable Security

Anybody who has ever lived in an old house knows how important it is to preserve the original elements of the house as well as restore them. The smallest intrusion of water, wind or other elements can cause significant damage to a house. Metal roofing is long-lastingly reliable and backed up by custom flashings.

Metal roofing is the perfect choice for anyone who loves old houses or admires it from afar. New Hampshire’s Metal Roofing Systems wants to help you make your dreams come true, one beautiful home at a time.

Our friendly and no-pressure team of metal roofing specialists is available to help you realize your dreams. Send us an Email to start the conversation about a metal roof replacement for your home.

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