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FBI Metal Roofing system is one of our leading and most experienced metal roofing contractors in New Hampshire. They put great emphasis on helping property owners evaluate their roofing needs in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton, NH, and find a solution that’s ideal for them and their building.

Anyone who has ever owned a house in New Hampshire or commercial construction knows that a building is its roof system in New Hampshire among the most vulnerable building areas. The roof of any structure provides its first lineup and ultimate defense against the elements. It protects against rain, snow, snow, ice, sunlight, and wind. A secure and higher integrity roof system in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton, New Hampshire, covers the different aspects of a building’s construction, ensuring their long-term life and functionality. After a roof starts to break down due to age, damage, or bad quality, the whole building can be jeopardized And unfortunately, once moisture enters a structure, there’s a high chance of mold and other issues not far behind.

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Rain Rain Go Away–Keeping Water Out of Your Home

The purpose of any roof is to keep water from the house in New Hampshire. Wind, snow, and hail all work to create an area for water to work its way below the roofing, into the attic, and eventually, through the insulating material and drip, drip, drip in your bedroom. In addition to your roofing, the strength of this material will preserve and protect what resides under it. It’s important to know where water is probably to find its way to your home so you can watch what you love. Exposed nails would be the most likely place for water to enter your home. The sun’s energy causes screws and nails to enlarge and contract and plastic or rubber washers to deteriorate. All that works to take a tight nail hole and give it a little wiggle room. That’s all the rain needs to find its way indoors.

The most protective roofs have concealed nails and fasteners that keep sunlight, weather, and rain away. Shingles who have interlocking sides and hidden fasteners, when correctly set up, keep the temperature out for a very long time. Tags: concealed nails, exposed nails, hidden fasteners

Did Strong Winds Damage Your Roof?

Are you wondering whether your home’s roof can stand up for this punishing weather? Now’s the time to check over your top! At any time you have a severe windstorm, it’s always wise to do a visual check of your roof from the floor. In Manchester, Concord, and Tilton, NH, your roof is also particularly prone to intrusion by melting snow with winter coming.

If you suspect that recent strong winds and storms may damage your roof in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton, NH, call us now. We will help you schedule a consultation free roof inspection together with your independent FBI Metal Roofing supplier. benefit from the federal tax credit of up to $1500

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Recognized by the US Department of Energy- Therma-Deck

ThermaDeck is a unique reflective and insulating material ventilation product that helps keep attics naturally more relaxed. It traps the sun’s heat directly beneath your house in New Hampshire’s roof before it infiltrates your loft, and through convective airflow, stations which heat where it belongs —
outside. Traditional Metal Roof Is On The Air

Recycling Loop Using -A FBI Aluminum Roof Option

In recent times, most of us have become aware of and careful about dividing the recycling out of their trash. We all keep our unique bin for materials like aluminum, steel, paper, and vinyl, and we haul that chest out to the curb once a week.

But what happens to those substances after we take them to the curb?

Aluminum metal is a widely recycled material. We give homeowners in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton, NH, a choice to close the recycling loop by purchasing a roof that’s 95% (or more) recycled aluminum in the material. When you consider it, we can make a few significant purchases with such incredibly high recycled content makes aluminum roofing the right way for homeowners to promote recycling and make it environmentally friendly

Often, though, once homeowners learn about the beauty, durability, energy efficiency, and other advantages of the metal roofs, they’d like to have a single but feel frustrated by restrictions put on them by their ARB or HOA. They can become incredibly frustrated if they want to make an environmentally friendly roof choice and take advantage of the federal tex charge for energy efficiency.

Furthermore, recently, an increased focus was on how a sound and nicely engineered roofing system in NH can help keep a building cooler during summertime. Maintaining a building naturally signifies reduced cooling costs and reduced energy usage. Furthermore, the federal tax credit is encouraging the use of specific cool roof technologies and state and utility business incentives.

The metal roof system in New Hampshire is famous for its resistance to the types of degradation that assault many other roofing materials. Whereas other materials begin to break from the moment of installation and start a process of becoming brittle or soft 0r curled or cracked, the metal keeps long life, and beauty gives protection from things like curled edges, loose panels, delicate areas, and wind damage. Protection against these items causes a roof system in New Hampshire that lasts and keeps a”new” look. The metal roofing system in NH also works well with different ventilation products, further improving energy efficiency.

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