Weatherproof Your Roof in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton New Hampshire to Hurricanes in NH

Getting Ready for wind storms and Hurricanes

In recent times, the construction building industry has taken a significant look at roofing company operations following the major hurricanes that devastate Florida, Texas, and the Caribbean every season. Our goal is to evaluate roof performance and be in a position to provide our clients with ideas that will provide enhanced protection for their houses in Tilton, Concord, and Manchester, NH, in the future.

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Energy Savings from a Cool Metal Roof

A cool metal roof is a timeless solution to getting and maintaining your summer energy costs down, year after year. Two homeowners share how vital the savings would be to them. “The styrofoam within our new shingles plus the reflectivity of this aluminum seem to be providing a worthwhile benefit.” Our electricity usage dropped by a whopping 20 percent this season compared with the same months in previous years, even though the average temperature is 2.5 degrees higher this year. Also, our thermostat setting is just 1 level lower than annually. The roof is making a significant gap in our electric bill. Additionally, the 20% decrease in our power bill probably means our aluminum roof is decreasing our A/C costs by about 40 percent because we’ve got five-pool sockets that account for nearly half of our power use.”

Less energy use, lower electrical bills

Solar Energy and Metal Roofing

Therefore, while it’s saving electricity, producing energy, or possibly, if you’re a homeowner looking to roofing or re-roof your house or another structure, you must consider the way your roofing decision will impact your future energy demand and costs. Failing to do this is short-sighted and will lead to your higher energy costs than they need to be.

FBI Metal Roofing Systems has taken significant steps to ensure that our products are energy efficient in reducing summer heat gain. A timeless Metal Roof addresses all three kinds of heat transport — radiant, conductive, and convective — to achieve a roof method of the highest energy efficiency.

Solar Shingles?

Lately, a leading tech giant company made a big splash in declaring that they’ll present a power-producing roof that’s the same or reduced cost as a conventional roof. That could be phenomenal if they can do this; however, the only way it might occur is if the roof lasts for a very long time and generates a considerable quantity of energy over that time, which may be sold back into the grid.

As another consideration, the product suggested by the tech giant uses actual glass for a base for the roof shingles. Look at the expense of glass alone. — considerably higher cost than other roofing products — That price does not yet include the energy manufacturing component of things. Regardless of the hype, we predict that their system will have an exorbitantly high initial cost and hoped-for revival over 50+ years. And the payback assumes the item produces energy at a tremendous pace, something that the company itself has indicated will not be the situation.

Cost-Effective Solar Energy

The truth is that traditional crystalline photovoltaic panels offer you the cheapest solar power production. Their modular character is precious in enabling replacement and repairs. Furthermore, while they are durable and built to last 20 or so years, they eventually need to be replaced, allowing property owners to step up to even more efficient energy production at that moment.

Solar Setup on a Traditional Metal Roof

Metal roofs in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton, NH are ideal for solar installation. The sturdiness of the metal roofing will maintain up to roof visitors when the solar array is installed and serviced. The metal roof will also easily survive as long as the solar panels themselves. Furthermore, trendy Metal roofs in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton, NH, can increase solar panels’ efficiency. And ultimately, using a metallic roof to save energy while producing energy at precisely the same time with solar is the best of both worlds.

Plan for Your Future Energy Needs

Traditional solar panels could be integrated nicely with all our Metal roofs in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton, NH. Together With different types of Metal roofs in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton, NH, the roof’s penetrations will be necessary; however, many commercially available repairing mounts designed for water tightness work very well.

If you like a homeowner, have strategies for solar in the future, discuss those plans with your roofing contractor next time you roof your home. Depending upon the type of roof you choose to get installed, it might be possible for the installer to take steps now that will simplify solar setup later on.

While our present recommendation would be to stick to the tried and dedicated conventional photovoltaic panels (which keep getting better all the time), we are pleased to state that there are other items on the horizon. In the long run, we believe that the coatings on Metal roofs in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton NH themselves will be appropriate solar collectors will be a fully integrated solar roof, which is logical.

Here are 3 Important observations We’ve made, which we believe will have a Substantial positive Effect on roof performance during extreme wind events:

Present Building Code Compliance

While sometimes it may be hard to deal with new construction codes, they serve a purpose. We have observed better functionality from roofs and houses built according to these new demands than from old structural designs.

Metal, Steel Consistently Out-Performs Other Materials

Even as it ages, Metal roofs in Manchester, Concord, and Tilton NH maintain their end resistance compared to other substances that weaken or become brittle over the years. We’ve observed that other substances become more resilient with age, while metal retains its wind resistance. (As a side note, aluminum roofing will out-perform steel in corrosive coastal environments. Learn more about wind resistance and all of the factors that enter weatherproofing your roof in Tilton, Concord, and Manchester, NH, from hurricanes and other windstorms in New Hampshire

How timeless is a Metal Roof

The reflective coatings we use block radiant heat move into the loft space. The critical airspace beneath most of our metal roofing systems stops conductive heat transfer from the rooftop down into the loft. A convective heating leak in the attic carries any heat obtained in the loft with appropriate attic venting, moving it back to the outside via a ridge vent or other exhaust ports on the roof.

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