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Many people turn to Google first using their questions. While Googling is excellent for getting a fast answer, sometimes you want an authority on the situation. FBI Metal Roofing has been fabricating metal roofing for the previous 20 years. Our customer support team includes mixed years of business experience. We want to help you find the best roofing solution, whether that's with our products or not. We are here to help you with reliable information and answers.

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Metal Roof: Are You a Proactive Homeowner?

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Homeowners who buy quality metal roofs understand what will occur if their roof falls into disrepair — escapes, rot, mold, diminished home value, costly repairs. Hence, they buy a roof proactively — before they need one — not after it is already leaking in the upstairs cupboard and ruining their family photographs. However, clients who’ve horrible-looking roofs have horrible looking roofs not because they love horrible-looking ceilings; however, If they do have some money for a roof, they’ll be buying the cheapest product can find.

Solar Energy and Metal Roofing

Therefore, while it’s saving electricity, producing energy, or possibly, if you’re a homeowner looking to roofing or re-roof your house or another structure, you must consider the way your roofing decision will impact your future energy demand and costs. Failing to do this is short-sighted and will lead to your higher energy costs than they need to be.

Make a Proactive Conclusion for Metal Roofing

If you care about your house, making a decision sooner rather than later is absolutely the correct thing to do if it comes to your roof. Don’t hesitate to explore metal roofing at FBI Roofing or get me.

Is a metal roof worth it?

To answer this, you have to think about the total cost of owning your roof. When you buy a roof, you pay for the materials and installation, but you pay for future maintenance and eventual replacement. While metal roofing prices cost more to install than asphalt shingles, it won’t require replacement or maintenance as fast as an asphalt roof will and is a great deal more energy-efficient. If you analyze the total price, then metal roofing is more expensive initially but is an investment that pays off in the long-term.

Where do I buy metal roofing?

You can purchase metal roofing in building supply stores. Our roofers are devoted to building a local relationship with you, walking you through the procedure to measure and assess your house, finding the correct kind and color of the roof, and working with a certified and professional installer. Connect to
your nearest FBI independent dealer now.

Can you place a metal roof above shingles?

Yes, it is possible to install a metal roof over asphalt shingles. Check your local building codes along with your roof first, but metal roofing can be installed directly over the old re-roof, saving you from costly tear-off costs. Metal roofing is very light, so installing it old asphalt shingles poses no structural risk. The majority of our roofing jobs demand roof over existing shingles, saving money for the homeowner and reducing landfill waste.

Does a metal roof make your home warmer?

No. A metal roof cools your home down. Our high-quality metal roofs have a reflective coating that bounces heat from the sun away from your residence. They reduce your energy costs by up to 20% yearly and drop the warmth of your attic. While asphalt shingles make your house hotter, particularly in the summer, metal roofing cools things down.

How does a metallic roof deal with the weather?

A metal roof is one of the best roofs money can buy when coping with high winds, hail, and even hurricanes. A correctly installed metal roof can confront winds of over 100 miles and stay intact. Rain does far less harm to our metal roofs as well, with the majority of hail causing no harm. In terms of hurricanes, we’ve had homeowners send us photos of their roof still attached and the rest of the home badly damaged. Our re-roofs are a few of the toughest you can buy!

We hope these answers help you learn about metal roofing on your way to finding the ideal roofing alternative for your home. Maintain Googling your inquiries, and we will continue to provide great answers based on our long experience, making some of the best metal roofing outside there.

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